Baby Shower Swag


I have been lucky enough thus far to have two showers thrown in my honor. The first being last Saturday up in Seattle. On my cousin's houseboat decorated with very sweet gender neutral decor items like pom poms hanging from the ceiling and mini pinatas made of seafoam, mauve and yellow tissue paper. We ate a lunch of enchiladas, tamales and sangria . Being only the second madre in our crew it was a really silly and special day with my cousin and college girlfriends. On Sunday I was back in Portland at my mother in law's house for my second shower. This one hosted by my sister in law. It was for what I called the '50+ crowd'. A group of aunts, grannies and friends of my mother and mother in law. The party was a luncheon with a beautiful spread of salads, sandwiches, parfaits and best of all a mimosa bar stocked with various juices, soda waters and champagne! It was the perfect ladies luncheon.

I provided a round up of my favorite gifts thus far. They are all gender neutral since we don't know if this little one is a he or she. Hopefully this provides some good inspiration for the next shower you attend or maybe even some gifts for the babies on your holiday list.

gender neutral registry

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  1. The Eddie Bauer bunting is cute cause our kid will look like a carrot (note to self buy a green hat). But since the kid is due in the colder months this will be really useful when we are taking it out and about.
  2. I blogged about the Urbo2 Stroller in one of my earlier posts here. We love the style, size and handling. This was a generous gift from baby’s Nonna.
  3. The Zebi Baby swaddle in plum with polar bears is pretty cute, but 100x cuter outside of the box. It is so soft and the design is perfect for a hip little baby. This was not on our registry and I am very happy it found its way to us.
  4. Mini Acorn Mocs are nothing new to the blog. I raved about them in this post. I love that we have a few pairs already.
  5. One of my aunts is known for gifting the books that were favorites in her household when her kids were young. Our little kiddo was lucky to receive about 25 books to kick start their mini library. Lots of favorites including the ones pictured above. If you don’t have Ezra Jack Keats in your house or on your radar you are missing out on amazing illustrations and lovely books that offer great lessons and stories for families.
  6. Hanna sleepers are another family favorite on my side. We were fortunate to receive a few already. The quality, designs and colors are top notch and I have always planned to dress my future kid in the Christmas pjs once it got here. Pending arrival to determine if that will be this Christmas or next.
  7. These are definitely on the not necessary list but I love their style, gender neutrality and classic/iconic look. Glad these made their way to the baby’s shoe collection. They are the perfect size for when the little one begin to take its first steps a year or so from now.
  8. B is for Baron book. My crafty friend Jenna ,who made us the Beyonce onesie, crafted up this board book. It is a collection of our instagrams of our dog Baron. I love that she thought to do this. It was such a sweet surprise to open up at the shower. I will get the details from her and do a post soon about how to DIY your own.

xx Ly