Tree time & brain dump

portland christmas tree

This weekend we went up the street and purchased a tree. We didn't do the fancy cut your own tree excursion but we did pick out a great one from the local lot. I wanted a tree that was tall and skinny and we found just the right one. I am enjoying the lights and decorations in our house it is fun to have some extra cozy decor in the house.

In other news I am at 37 weeks. In my head I have had the date of December 21st as when this baby will come. That is technically two weeks early. But when we first found out we were pregnant and ignorantly did our pregnancy math we thought December 21st would be when the kid would arrive. So that date has been in my head. Everyone is telling me that I only look 7 months pregnant so that has me nervous that this kid will be late. I know old wives tales say that first kids are always late. But for some reason I want this thing to come earlier. I am not ready to take care of it 24/7 but the anticipation of meeting it, seeing what it looks like and dressing it in cute clothes has me excited.

Lets talk pros and cons of December and January birthdays. Most friends are telling me that having the baby in January will be better in the long run. Let the kids birthday have some breathing room outside of the holidays. December obviously has some tax benefits if it comes out in 2014. For some reason a December birthday is more appealing to me- I know whatever day it arrives will be wonderful, good and important for the rest of our lives. But if I could pick. I would choose December 21st- haha. My plus one already said we will celebrate the kids half birthday in June if it arrives too close to Christmas. I think a New Years Eve arrival/ bday would be pretty rad though.

Lastly in pop culture news. Kourtney K welcomed a boy yesterday. The baby was born on his older brother's birthday which is pretty crazy. Wonder if Kourtney was happy with that. Curious to learn what Kourtney and The Lord named their new prince.

Any guesses or thoughts on when my little one will arrive? xx Ly