I think I am an addict. Well, addict might be too strong a word. You see, I get these emails, on the daily, from The Gap. Always promoting some kind of sale- usually at 40% off which is always a great deal, especially when used on already reduced items. So in short, I find myself on way too often. It might just be the fun of having someone new to shop for. Someone who doesn't yet have an opinion about how they dress or accessorize. But I know the screamin' deals that hit my inbox each morning are also to blame. I have been shopping up a storm for my little guy starting in December before he even arrived and since then there has been a steady stream of packages arriving at our doorstep. I have even stocked up on some winter necessities for when Mo is bigger next year since the prices were so great!

baby boy favorites from the GAP

I singled out the above favorites that I bought most recently all either on sale or original price but with an additional 40% off.

GRAPHIC TEE: It is very sweet and simple and only cost me $7.77

CLOUD SWEATSHIRT: I have been eyeing this one since before Mo was born. I love a classic crew sweatshirt, they are so perfect for boys and men. Plus I think the cloud design makes it so, so sweet! It came in at $16.17

DINO PJS: These I bought in size 6-12 months. They are so perfect for a little boy and I love the simple gray and black colors. With discount these came in at $16.17.

Isn't that little boy so adorable! His stance, face and hair are all too much!

xx Ly