5 weeks a madre

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Yesterday marked five weeks as a madre. I had been looking forward to going out for drinks last night with my girls, including Emi who has been in town the past week to meet Mo and spend some quality time with us. It has been great- she left this morning back to Brooklyn and we miss her already!!!

My plans were derailed as I began running a fever and got the sads while pumping with so much pain, after a quick consultation I learned that this was all likely due to a breast infection. The sore and raw nipples as well as the clogged ducts have all been adding to my discomfort and frustration with breastfeeding and the breast infection can be to blame for this. I have a new slew of treatments from my doc and am hopeful that things start to improve. Fortunately my girls understood and met up at our house to console, comfort and support me, with wine in hand! It was just what I needed. I still had (and have) the sore breasts but my spirits have definitely been lifted by them. THX Emi, Luella & Ash!!!

In other less graphic news Mike and I are getting more comfortable each and every day with our new companion. Initially I felt like he was not even really my baby- he had just arrive and yes I had been carrying him but I did not have a supernatural or spiritual connection to him that you hear some mothers profess. I felt a duty to care and comfort him but nothing magical. As I am watching him grow and change I am feeling more responsible and proud of him and myself. He is spending more time awake these days and makes the most handsome and cute expressions.

Like I said Mike is getting more and more confident taking care of this guy and my favorite thing is seeing these two guys together.

We are finally growing out of newborn size clothes getting closer and closer to 10 lbs (whoop! whoop!) My excitement to get new outfits into rotation is kind of embarrassing.

Mo's favorite song these days is Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, it is on the spotify list that I play for him and you can tell the dude likes to jam.

thanks for reading!

xx Ly