48 hours later

After receiving a few comments I owe an update on the nursing situation. I am very happy to report that the APNO (all purpose nipple ointment) has been working miracles. Since receiving it on Wednesday evening I was instructed to put the ointment on after each feeding. For Mo's first feeding after I had used the ointment I could already feel a difference. Now 48 plus hours later my nipples and the feedings are so, so much better! Nursing is no longer a pain filled ordeal and more importantly I no longer cringe at the thought of breastfeeding or hate it. We also learned that Mo has something called thrush which is a somewhat common yeast infection that babies and madres pass from saliva in the babies mouth to the nipples, this has been adding to my pain in breastfeeding. After a visit to his pediatrician yesterday she gave us an antibiotic and we are on the mend with this issue as well.

All in all there are 3 medications that I am having to use multiple times a day to treat the breast infection and thrush. I have multiple alarms on my phone as reminders- can't wait til we are back to normal!

I had been dealing with this pain for the past three weeks at least. I would complain to family and friends about my discomfort and was consoled but reassured each time that the pain would go away, that it was just something I was going to get used to and that each woman dealt with it as she was breastfeeding. I am so happy that I was able to determine that these were not normal symptoms. Everyone must have thought I was such a wimp!The fever, night sweats, extremely raw & chapped nipples and thrush marks in Mo's mouth were all very clear warning signs. But like I said, I was continually reassured that it would get better and I was at my limit with the feedings.

Fast forward 48 short hours...

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 5.20.42 PM

This photo is from this morning after a visit to the lactation consultant, the sun was shining on this late January day and I was happy to be out and about with Mo. We were checking in with lactation to get some more guidance after the set backs we have had the past few weeks. I am happy to report that I learned some tips and tricks so that he is draining all of my ducts but most of all a confidence boost in the work we are currently doing together.

What a difference a few days make! Enjoy the weekend!

xx Ly