the dreamfeed

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Today's post is brought to you by #throwbackthursday in honor of the On The Run Tour this past summer. Yes, I am still talking about it. I put Mo in his Jay & Bey onesie in the middle of the night after he wet through his pjs in the middle of the night, (whoops!).

I have been experimenting with 'dreamfeeds' this week, google it if you care. I learned about the term/science/phenom via instagram on Sunday and thought it was worth a try. My first attempt was Sunday night but the results were inconclusive since the boy had a diaper situation that interfered at about 1AM. And then I attempted again Monday night but something else got in our way, it escapes me now. Last night was our first successful one. But I think it actually screwed me.

Mo went to sleep at 8PM and then at 11PM I fed him a bottle, so as not to have him wake at 1 or 2AM. And it worked. The little boy wonder continued to sleep until right before 4AM. Wow, right?!? Then he dozed back off for another two hours after his 4AM feeding but was pretty much up for the rest of the morning. For most adults and working people waking up at 6AM is no problemo. I am more of a late to bed late to rise kinda gal. And 7:30AM is early in my book. From 6AM on he was a very happy baby. Alert, exploring his surroundings, cooing and staring at me with his big eyes. We had a few mini cat naps, like 10 minute naps here and there, or maybe that was just me dozing off as I was cuddling with the guy (whoops again!). The part that screwed me was that our guy usually doesn't wake for the day until 8am or so and typically Mike is up earlier than me and can entertain or feed the guy so I can catch some extra z's. But he left us early Wednesday morning for a shoot in NYC so I have been manning the fort (our house) alone but spending lots of time up at my parents too so I can catch a break, go for a run or organize our entry closet. What is it about having your partner out of town that makes you want to accomplish some kind of project while they are away... Is that just me? I made myself a list and am happy to report that some big-ish projects are being crossed off the list. Not knocking down any walls but rehinging doors, organizing, purging and updating. I love home projects!

Thanks for reading and wish me luck with another attempt at the dreamfeed tonight!

xx Ly