Birth announcements

IMG_8693I have been on the fence about birth announcements since even before Mo was born. I liked the idea of a 'happy new year' birth announcement but we did not get our act together and up until last night I figured we just would not do them.

I have always loved making Valentine's cards so last night I decided we would do Valentine's cards from Mario that could double as birth announcements. I found a design I liked on Walgreens' website and was happy to learn that they now print double sided on cardstock so we could get a sleek non glossy print to send out. Per usual, Walgreens had one of their 40% off promo codes so I got 80 cards for $71, which ain't bad especially since they were ready 45 minutes after I ordered them. I used some photos I took with my iPhone and am very happy with how the whole product has turned out. Now I am off to write, address and stamp them all!

xx Ly