seven weeks a madre

7 weeks a madre

On Tuesday we hit seven weeks with Mo. Breastfeeding is a million times better and I am so thankful. His thrush has also cleared up so we are doing really good. I am anxious to see what he weighs at his next appointment. He is starting to get little rolls and definitely is bulking up. Lots of his newborn clothes no longer fit and we are definitely in the 0-3 months territory so that means he can start wearing the clothes that we have been gifted and that I bought him early on. I am quite jealous that the guy pretty much gets a new wardrobe every month or so!

Mo has begun to smile but is overall still pretty serious and most often has an inquisitive look on his face or furrowed eyebrows concentrating on looking and figuring something out. When he does smile it is most often first thing when he is up for the day. I hear him rustling next to me in bed and look over. He takes a big yawn and then gives a grin. I wish I could say that he smiles right at me, but no. He is usually looking up at the ceiling making a smile.

On the home front Mike had his first business trip last week. Weds- Saturday. I leaned on my family a lot and spent most of my time up the street with them- thanks fam! Mike and his business partner work from our house most days so it is really noticeable when he is out to meetings or on business travel. We now have Mike back with us all week before he heads out on another shoot next week. It is hard on me to have him gone, not having another sleepy person at home to commiserate with or the extra hand with bottles and diapers. Not to mention the fact that I am jealous of his travel schedule, he has Kenya on deck. Mo and I are looking to tag along to LA in March for a shoot they are scheduling. Looking forward to seeing friends in LaLaLand and spending sometime in the warm weather.

The dreamfeeding is something we are still working on, as is just defining a solid schedule. I have not determined what will work best for us but like the idea of him going down to bed on the later end so he can let me sleep in. We are not consistent with any schedule quite yet. Maybe while Mike is out on his next shoot Mo and I can work on nailing a schedule down.

I am on my third week of working out post partum. Mostly doing short runs and sometimes 15 minute NTC 'get focused' workouts. On Tuesday I went into the doctor for another check up and after being weighed learned that I had lost one pound since my last appt three weeks back. That was disappointing. I am only 10 pounds away from my pre pregnancy weight and honestly lost most of the weight right after birth and then quickly with breast feeding. I attribute my minimal weight gain during pregnancy to my commitment to working out throughout the entire pregnancy. I actually ran up one of the steepest streets in Portland 12 hours before my first contraction. But now post partum I think I need to get more serious and diverse with my workouts. Looking forward to getting back to spinning soon and committing to that at least weekly for a good workout. I probably have to work on eating healthier and more balanced meals but will focus on working out initially cause that is what comes more naturally to me.

I am now rounding the corner on thinking this guy is pretty damn cute. Fresh outta the oven newborns have never really been my thing. But now that this guy is getting more expressive and beginning to show his little personality I am feeling the pride in being his madre. He is feeling more and more like my own little friend. I know this must sound bizarre to most, but It was not love at first sight. It was responsibility at first sight. He had my care and affection from the beginning but lately I am falling in love with the guy. My favorite thing ever is sleeping with him. Knowing he is safe, happy and fed in my arms with Mike beside us is pretty sweet.

That is all I have got at seven weeks.

xx Ly