Five Feb Faves


I was inspired by my recent purchase of two boxes of Trader Joe's peanut butter sandwich crackers to put a list together of some of my latest & favorite (non baby related) things, three of which are pictured above. My favorites this month have all been about the small things. Time with family and friends and simple pleasures.

First on my list has to be the crackers. My one complaint is that there does not seen to be enough crackers in each box.

Second, the stag horn fern I mounted this past weekend. I went with two friends to a local nursery on Sunday to learn about care and maintenance of these trendy indoor house plants, we even mounted and came home with our own plants. Good use of $15 if you ask me.

Third, my current manicure. Enough said.

Fourth, the craziness of this season's Bachelor. With my maternity leave schedule I have lots of time for entertainment and with feeding Mo I get to sit on the couch and watch the girls go wild. I have not paid attention to much if the past seasons but am ashamed to admit that I am fully committed to this current season.

Fifth, sleep. Semi baby related, but when I get a good stretch it's the best. Dreamfeed has been hit or miss for us but when it works I am very impressed.

xx Ly