retail diet

Maternity leave has left me somewhat bored. Taking care of Mo has its challenges and rewards but what is a typically busy and ambitious gal to do with so much free time? I have tackled some home projects and DIYs around the house and for the baby and been working out, but my biggest distraction and activity thus far has been retail therapy. I have not gone crazy buying Louis luggage or other unnecessary items. I like to think that I have been making sound purchases, but just doing more than I should be.

In the earlyย weeks of motherhood I would spend time online shopping. Dreaming about my post baby bod and getting some new items to 1) encourage the workouts and 2) to celebrate this new beginning. Now after two and a half months in I have been finding far too many excuses to buy things for me or Mo or Mike.

Most women can agree that a trip to target for let's say- ant traps, can quickly spiral into home, beauty & apparel purchases. And who can say no to mini dress up clothes when you have Spring weddings and semi formal family events coming up quick!?! Nineteen bucks for that stunner right there!

Most recently, as in Monday night, I went a little crazy on etsy.ย But after my Monday night binge I have decided and am putting it here that I am on a shopping diet. March 11th- April 11th.

Don't worry, I will share the etsy purchases once they get here, but for the next month NO MORE SHOPPING. Promise.

Anyone else have this problem on mat leave? Or have you given yourself a shopping diet? If I'm really good I can get this to last longer than the month. Wish me luck.

xx Ly