11 weeks a madre

Welcome to 11 weeks a madre! The photo above is from a walk we took last night around our neighborhood- hallelujah for daylights savings time!!! After looking at the photo I have to smirk and think that it doesn't get much more Portland than this pic: birkenstocks, public display of nursing all while standing on a hand painted blossoming lotus in the middle of the street. What year is this!?! We have ironed out a pretty good schedule thus far and I am quite pleased. Mo is going to bed 10/11PM and sleeping six to seven hours straight per night now and has been doing so for well over a week so, fingers crossed, it only gets better from here!

But I do have one issue. By the time my boy is stirring come 4 or 5AM my breasts are full. I know the practical answer it to wake up and pump but those hours of sleep are really helping me keep a smile on my face come daytime. So once he feeds early in the morning it goes pretty quick since the supply is so good. I figure what I am doing is not the best for my supply but it is really good for my sanity- the extra hours of sleep that is. Maybe in the coming weeks I will start to pump in the middle of the night and see how that goes.

Other updates include:

  • Mo is drooling a lot. His bibdanas are coming in really handy.
  • Eye contact is a big deal in our house. Mo loves sitting in a lap and staring at a friendly face. Smiling, mimicking and drooling.
  • The weather has been beautiful. I am really getting to marvel at the season and the changes that come with this time of year which I am feeling really grateful for.
  • I have been going to spin class At Burncycle the last few weeks and excited to continue going a couple times a week through the rest of my leave. I enjoy the dedicated time to myself and find a different challenge than my typical workouts. Major bonus being the positivity and inspiration that oozes from the class and instructors.

Finally, after 11 weeks maternity leave has me getting restless at home and anxious to get back to work. Taking any and all suggestions on how to enjoy my last few weeks and take advantage of this time with my boy.

xx Ly