love for the nano


Today is our last day in LA, over the weekend while Mo was napping and I was watching the VERY LONG Bruce Jenner interview (go bruce!) on demand I put together this little note of admiration for the Mountain Buggy Nano that has been such a trooper on our trip.

We received the Nano as a gift from my aunt. I put it on our registry after a little research on the subject of a travel stroller. We have the Mama's & Papa's Urbo2 as our everyday stroller but knew we would likely need/want a smaller model for our travels. I chose the Nano because of its minimal design and the fact that it folded up to the size of a briefcase when it was not in use: major points in my book.

The trip to LA was our first adventure with the Nano. I was hesitant to bring it but reminded myself that the sole reason of having the travel stroller was to in fact travel with it. So I brought it with and strolled little Mo around the airport prior to our flight. It was quite nice to have him off my person and just be strolling him around the terminal. My favorite feature, aside from the sturdiness, compact folding & carry strap is that ANY carseat can be attached to the stroller. I decided to bring our carseat on the trip and the Nano made this all the more easy. The Nano has a handy belt strapΒ that allows pretty much any carseat to be attached to the bed of the stroller securely. I was able to easily place Mo, buckled in the carseat, into the stroller while we entered and exited the airport. I checked the carseat, free of charge- thx Alaska Air, with our luggage.

The Nano has put in some serious mileage on this trip and has held up super well. We are very happy with this guy as our travel companion. On to the next trip! Feel free to post or ask any questions in the comments below.

xx Ly