end of maternity leave

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Today is my last day of maternity leave and as Mo is taking his morning nap I wanted to just write a few short words on this time. I am positively anxious and excited to return to work. We have the great fortune of Mo staying with my mother during the working hours just up the street from our house so the assumed negative anxiety regarding his well being and care when I return to work is non existent. He will likely be in better care than when he is with Mike or I, ha.

I have to gush for a second and say that Mike sent me a really sweet note just this morning. We left him in LA to finish up his edit and he comes back at the end of the week. He will not be here to see me off on my first day back to work so instead he put some words down about the past four months. I am a tough girl but have a real soft spot for written words, especially from those I love, and am very sentimental.

He noted how amazing it has been for me to be home the past four months. How we have spent more time together these last four months than ever before- crazy right!?! How watching me bond with this baby has let him see the best in me from a different angle. But that he knows how much I love my work, being independent and taking on new challenges and accomplishing new things, outside the home, everyday.

Maternity leave for me was a time without any distraction, except this baby of course, to reflect on the person I want to be. To focus on this family we have created and the life we are living together. Most days I spent time alone to workout. I am proud of myself for taking the time, accepting the help- thanks mom & Mike, and putting myself first. Time to clear my head, to get distracted by the nature on my run or the extreme positivity and motivation from an instructor at my spin class. These were some of the most inspiring things about my leave. I knew that I had nothing to do other than work on being a better me: person/partner/madre.

I will undoubtedly miss that. The lack of 'working world' responsibility. Starting tomorrow when I officially turn back on my work email the buzzes, dings and vibrations will be a huge distraction and one part of my pre baby life that I did not miss at all.

But as I return to work tomorrow I will take one lesson I learned: to slow down & appreciate what is around you. On walks in the neighborhood or time spent on our porch I began to notice the plants, trees and flowers around us. I would check on them every time I saw them and noticed the change of the seasons. From winter to spring I got to watch in awe the organisms we live with develop and grow. Watching flower blossoms begin to bud, to open and to drop to the sidewalks. I admired the hazelnut tree in our backyard as its branches began to grow and develop into leafy shady arms, bringing beautiful color into our life. I would stop to touch, feel, smell and appreciate these natural elements. I have a new admiration for nature, growth and the time it takes for things to develop.

Thanks for reading, looking forward to sharing how we manage our very sweet boy and our demanding careers!

xx Ly