five things for mother's day

Mother's Day is this weekend and for a lot of followers here and friends of mine it will be our first. I have asked a couple friends to share five things on their mother's day wish list and today we have our first one. kelsie morrow merchandiser blog post

Meet Kelsie, a merchandising manager here in Portland. We met quite a few years back at one of our favorite shops, Lizard Lounge's First Thursday events and I have enjoyed keeping up with her. Eight months ago she welcomed her first child, daughter Elanore Blue, and has been doing the stylish motherhood thing very well. Here are the five things she would love to receive come Sunday.

kelsie morrow portland oregon

1) Mazama Coffee mug/Large I have a large collection (like stacks of shoe-boxes) full of vintage coffee mugs, but I don't have these!  Made here in Portland and every color is amazing.  I picked white, but honestly I would be happy with every single color they carry.  Not cheap for a coffee mug, but I would be willing to collect these over time as well.

2) Slides Huge throwback to my high school self!  What I love about slides now though is that when I'm carrying Elanore I can easily slip these on.

3) Tomboy Style: Beyond the boundaries of Fashion by Lizzie Garret Mettler I have been wanting to buy this book for a while by one of my favorite bloggers.

4) Capsule Parfums I don't wear a lot of perfume and usually stick to very clean simple scents, but I was at Lizard Lounge and someone had just sprayed one of these and it was amazing.  Each one tested great and weren't too strong for me.

5) M-82 for Madewell by George McCracken I've been searching for the best jumpsuit for a while now and believe I have arrived.

Thank you for sharing your picks Kelsie & we have to try for a First Thursday this year and bring the babes!!!

xx Ly