what is the bigger struggle?

 I recently was thinking about the struggle I had, #firstworld I know, with dressing the bump and relating it to my similar difficulties with now dressing for breastfeeding. I never had thought about how much I would have to adjust my wardrobe for feeding Mo. I was very much looking forward to wearing my normal clothes once the baby was out but did not even know about the difficulty I would have with dressing for nursing. Lets start with the bras. Yes, we all know that nursing bras are for the most part hideous. I purchased a few and rarely wear them. I do love the nursing tanks from Target and wore those most of my maternity leave. But most often I have resorted to wearing shelf bras and a few Nike sports bras that I can easily pop a boob out of. I wear these with camisoles so as not to expose my mummy tummy when l am nursing Mo. I can wear pretty much any top and bottoms with my solution of nursing tank/ shelf bra and camisole. One thing that is quite difficult though, is wearing dresses. I LOVE to wear dresses. They are so easy, one piece outfits and I have a fair amount that could be on rotation. But the issue I have encountered is that I have to flash my whole body when I want to feed Mo. Lifting up the skirt of the dress up to my chest to get the boy access to his food. Now that I have returned to work and I pump in the privacy of a mommy closet I am looking forward to wearing dresses & normal bras again. Cause in the closet I can disrobe and pump in privacy which means I can wear what I want! I am though, on the hunt for everyday dresses that allow for easy access for feedings. I figure dresses with button fronts or low necklines could work well. I did recently purchase this jumpsuit from the brand Collective Concepts and it has been really fun to wear and easy to feed in. So my question is, what did you have a harder time dressing, the bump or the boobs? And please share any nursing fashion favorites you have! xx Ly