Brooklyn Approved Summer Shoes

Today we have a guest post from my bff in Brooklyn. Having a best friend on the other side of the country is a lot easier with things like email, texting, facetime and gchat. More often than not I can expect a link to some new footwear that has either arrived via fedex in Brooklyn or Emi has had open in a browser window for a few days. Today Emi is sharing her real life reviews of said shoes. These are items that I have only seen thanks to technology and that Emi has given the real life test to. Whether it is on a commute or laps around Brooklyn. Hope you find some new favorite footwear and it would be just too cute if you too shared the link with your bff/personal fashion adviser.

emily s chapman shoes

Shoes are a big deal in New York.  And I'm not talking Carrie Bradshaw Louboutin-coveting, fainting at the sight of a shoecloset kind of big deal.  I'm talking the decision you make in the morning that could haunt the rest of your day and make you leave your friends early kind of big deal.

Shoes are my transportation.  On a day where I'm just going to work and back with a pop out to grab lunch I clock no less than 3 miles.  And that's not usually all I'm doing, especially this time of year, so those shoes better work for me.

Here's where Carrie Bradshaw and I align- I too make investments in shoes.  While I will fret for 15 minutes over whether or not I need a $5 latte, I don't hesitate to spend $$$ on a pair of shoes.  Because if chosen right that pair will last me 2-3 years and take me miles and miles and miles.

Here are five pairs I've found to be Brooklyn approved for summer:

summer shoes
summer shoes making la madre blog
  1. No. 6 Clogs- I have several pairs of No. 6 clogs- 3 pairs for summer, and the boots for winter.  We had an office-wide LOL last week when the UPS guy came and subsequently 3 of us were trying on our new wood-soled sandals!  One note- these babies only take me about 3 miles comfortably.
  2. Cole Haan Sandals- Each summer CH comes out with a new version of this sandal.  I'm on my third pair.  They are really well made, take no time to break in and can take me 5 miles no problem.
  3. Superga- I bought these last year and have enjoyed them for dressed down days in the office and on several vacations.  They aren't quite as cushy as Nikes, but I do like their simplicity.
  4. Espadrilles- I got the cutest pair of lace up wild-patterned, pointy toe espadrilles on my honeymoon in Spain last year, and they are such a fun way to punch up an outfit.  Bonus points for being comfy. Similar spendier pair linked here, but they are a dime a dozen these days.
  5. Emerson Frye Slappers- Full Disclosure: I ordered these and they got WOWs from my colleagues, but they were just too small so I had to return them.  But if you aren't a giant like me, DO it!  They are so cute and would be comfy in the right size.
thx Emi!
xx Ly