25 weeks a madre

Mo in his US National Team kit

We are at 25 weeks today & six months next week! I have obviously been a bit quiet here on the blog. Due in large part to my workload. I knew the day would come when I would lose track of the blog and have it on the back burner but I am back today and would really like to, in the least, continue with these xx weeks a madre posts every so often.

A few quick hits from the life of this madre below.

We had a really busy week last week which included the launch of a TV commercial that my husband and his business partner had been working on since right before Mo's birth. So it was a big day last Monday when it aired on national TV. You can read more about it here.

On a much sadder note we lost our dog. Within the blitz and excitement around Mike's commercial we realized Baron had snuck out the back gate. It was a hard three days of our dog being MIA and we definitely felt the guilt of being new parents and the lack of attention our dog has been getting since Mo arrived. The good news is we found him up at a beautiful house near my parents house and near the park we run in a lot. So phew! But still it was really tough to have him gone and thinking we might never be reunited. I will continue to preach that 'craigslist saves'!!!

I have a few big trips coming up for work which are making me anxious about nursing. We are still deciding if Mike and Mo will join me down in LA while I am there for about a little over a week and if they don't then trying to determine my options with pumping and overnighting the milk. Does anyone have experience with this? Please share your notes or tips!

In baby news Mo is more fun than ever. I know I keep saying this and sound like a dumb broken record but it does just keep getting better. He is recognizing things a lot these days getting very anxious & needy when he sees a bottle or flapping his arms excitedly when he sees our car come to pick him up from my mom's.

Mike was out of town over the weekend for work so Mo and I spent a good amount of time outside with friends but spent some downtime catching up on Broad City via Hulu. Are you a fan??? It is what I imagine my own scripted tv show with my best friends would look like just with less references to weed.

Saturday night we had a really good sleep session. Going to bed around 11:30 and then Mo woke up around eight. I fed him and put him back in his rock & play and the boy conked out til 11am, heaven sent. We are still doing pretty good, when compared to other parents I talk to, with the sleep thing.

Kind of a messy update but plans for some meatier posts coming up soon.

xx Ly