six months a madre

Guys, this feels like our biggest milestone yet. Mo hit six months today. I am in LA for work and have not seen the guy since yesterday morning.

Mike is taking him to his check up today and I am looking forward to the report back.

Six months feels about right. It hasn't exactly flown by but at the same time is amazing we are here and have hit half a year as a family.

I was at dinner last week with two girlfriends and they were asking me what the biggest surprise has been so far. I answered honestly telling them that the baby is a lot more fun than I expected. I anticipated it being a lot of work, which it is, but it's not as nagging and obsessive as I anticipated it to be. I had an easy pregnancy but was quite anxious about the arrival, feeling that I was not ready mentally to become a mom. I was in denial throughout the whole journey and expected for those feelings to linger for at least the first year.

But to my surprise after about month two we got into a groove, all three of us. We have a lot of help when it comes to childcare and helping hands & the cherry on top is that we have a non fuss little guy.

My friends continued to ask me about what else was unexpected and I went back to a similar conversation I had on a run with a friend from work. It was just a few days back from my maternity leave and she was asking me a similar question, what does it feel like to be a madre? I was kind of surprised with my answer as it came out of my mouth. I was not expecting that having a kid would make me feel different about myself. I feel more confident and more myself which is a bizarre feeling. I feel rooted as an individual and proud of my role as Mo's Madre.

Maybe it has to do with the feeling of growing into the adult I was always going to be. With out a doubt, having a kid makes you grow up. The heavy responsibility of a new life, nurturing a soul into a kind and good citizen is a lot to sign up for. But still there are many ways in which we are not grown up. Quite often I am thrown off when looking at how we can have so much adult responsibility: a kid, a mortgage, pay taxes etc. but in reality are two disorganized people slapping it all together each and every day.

In conclusion at six months with a baby I am completely shocked at the positive affects it has had on not only our relationship but those around us as well. A new respect for our parents, our peers and ourselves. I don't think our experience is unique but for us it has been unexpected and for that I am grateful.

xx Ly