summer dress

A few weeks back I wrote about the hard time I was having finding dresses to wear in the summer that allowed me to easily nurse Mo without having to pull the skirt of the dress up to expose my undies, stomach and boobs. Adia Dress by American Apparel

Unfortunately my cry for help fell on deaf ears. I did not really get any good tips or pointers on styles to check out as I was anticipating.

But after this weekend I have found a savior in the dress department for nursing women. I stopped in the American Apparel in our neighborhood and tried on a dress I had been eyeing. After a quick check for access to my breasts in the fitting room I knew I had a winner and immediately scooped it up.

It is the Adia Dress and at $54 is a great find in my book. It is a tunic style that can be worn as a dress in the summer, or over pants/tights in the cooler temps. The feature that makes it best for nursing is the low slit at the neckline. This feature allows for me to effortlessly feed Mo without exposing anything I don't need to. The main reason though that I opted for the dress is that the silhouette is very flattering and chic.

low neckline = easy access

I am very pleased with the purchase and plan to  be getting lots of wears out of it.

Happy nursing & happy dress shopping!

xx Ly