the life of a manicure


I have written before about my love for a manicure. Since becoming a madre I have kept my appointments, every four weeks, consistent and found a few ways to game the system so that I don't have to take too much time away to get my nails did. While on my recent shoot in LA I noticed I was taking lots of fotos including my hands in them and liked the consistency that my nails provided. Below are my tips and tricks for flawless madre nails accompanied by a photo series of said nails. CJAVaemWwAAwOqS

  1. Skip the normal stuff and go for the shellac or 'gel' version which lasts much longer than your typical manicure and keeps a shiny finish for its entire lifespan. It is worth the extra cost ($5-$10).negative space ice cream manicure
  2. Keep it short, when I get my nails done I have the manicurist cut and file them as short as possible. I do this so that my nails do not get too out of hand and this makes sure that the onesie snapping is as easy as possible. Plus by the time my nails grow out after three to four weeks they are not scary talons.CIpB1oiVEAAYtDu
  3. Opt for a negative space mani. The manicure I am showing off in the photos in this post features the most simple yet stylish version of the negative space manicure. Its different and cute and the major bonus is that when it grows out you can't really tell. CH09SDfUAAAgbXa
  4. To save time let your manicurist know what your time frame is. Up until recently I would dread the time at the salon. Sometimes I would spend an hour and a half at the salon just for a manicure. Just the other week I let the owner know that I would pay extra to have an attendant on each hand thinking that would speed up the process. She laughed and said, if you need it faster we can do it faster at no charge. They take their time because so many people come for the relaxing 'me time'. But part of making sure I am enjoying myself is knowing that I am using my time efficiently.

Those are my tips!

xx Ly