(I don't know how many) weeks a madre


I could not tell you even if I tried my hardest, and I did for a minute, how many weeks Mo is today. What I do know that today he is another week old as he was born on a Tuesday.

I see this as a good sign. He is becoming more substantial for lack of a better word. He hits seven months on Thursday and if I was good at math and knew exactly how many weeks are in each month I would have an answer on the weeks front. But I don’t know.

At nearly seven months old the boy is sitting like a champ and laughing a lot. Just this past weekend we were all three sitting at a coffee shop and out of nowhere the boy has a laughing fit. We didn't think we said anything particularly funny and no one was tickling the guy so we were a little concerned at first. But the more concerned our faces got the more funny he thought things were. So, we will just assume that the boy was amused with our coffee talk and leave it at that.

We have begun to introduce him to some solid foods. I often will give him the heal of a baguette to gnaw on as he finds this to be a huge and exciting task, being responsible for holding it in his hands and making out with it. It gets pretty cute to see him so determined. Other recent edible adventures have included: watermelon, bananas, sweet potatoes and a lick of a lemon popsicle that he was super into- blame it on the sugar.

Sleep has been more hit and miss recently. When I was in LA last week for work he slept 10 hours a night for my mom. Since I got back he has routinely been up at 3 or 4am to nurse. I hear I am supposed to wean him off but have not had much luck or determination on that front. He does sleep in great as witnessed this weekend on instagram and in the photo above.

Doing the whole 'working mom'/ 'working dad' thing continues to be going good for us. A lot of it has to do with the help we get from family. I am off next week for another business trip and will be spending all week in Mexico City so Mike and my mom will be on Mo duty yet again without me. Our work schedules have us pretty busy but are also flexible. If I do not have a meeting right at 8am I can spend a little more time with Mo in the morning and same goes for Mike.

That is about all I have for updates, expect a few posts soon about working out with baby & a post I have been meaning to share for a while: my favorite workout gear that doubles as nursing gear!!! Also, I signed up for the Nike Women's half marathon that takes place in mid October. So I will leave you with a photo of Mo in the running stroller!

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xx Ly