what I do


I often get the question of what it is I actually do for work. It is hard to explain to the people who aren't 'in the industry' and is even hard to explain to my peers at work. Since the popularity of Mad Men, the ins and outs of my job have become a lot easier for people to understand. So let me break it down for you. I work on the client side meaning my team is responsible for briefing in a concept for a commercial and seeing it through until it goes live. Along the way making sure the creative does the best job of depicting the brand and ensuring that our product and athletes are flawlessly represented. Most often I am sitting in a directors chair looking at a monitor making sure with our team that everything looks good in frame as we are rolling. I am lucky enough to work for Nike, the biggest athletics brand in the world. Even more fortunate to have grown up with Nike, based in Beaverton, in my backyard. Ever since I can remember working at Nike was my dream job. I never knew exactly where I would end up at the company and could not be happier with where I have landed. I work in our division called Brand Marketing and within a function called Brand Communications. What does that mean, you are thinking. Brand Communications is the group responsible for advertising. I work on television commercials, print ads, online ads and out of home advertising (billboards, bus shelters, etc.).

My most recent campaign launched yesterday and is called 'Short A Guy'. It was a whirlwind production, that took place when I was down in LA two weeks ago. Enjoy!


xx Ly