#madrefotoproject week 1

Welcome to week one of my little project. For the next five weeks I will be introducing a photography 'mantra' from my friend Christine, sharing her photos here on the blog along with some anecdotes in the hopes that you all will test out her tips and tricks and in turn shoot or share some new photos with the #madrefotoproject on instagram and twitter during the week. I would love to share some of the photos we all generate here on the blog and on instagram and am working with a print shop to see if we can provide some free prints for a few lucky followers.

Assignment #1

Don't go by the idea of  "will this look good on instagram" or "he isn't looking at the camera" or even " she needs to be smiling"  use your camera (or camera phone) to create images that will make your heart sing when you look back on them in a week, a month or a year. I remember when my son wore that costume for days on end. I remember when my son was obsessed with light switches.  My reason for taking pictures is to document my family and how I see them in hopes when we look back later they can feel the love that I have for them and their uniqueness.
christine dehaven
My youngest lived in his costumes for months. Day after Halloween I snagged a new costume on clearance. I had him put it on for me and his excitement was insane! He had no idea this thing had wings until I told him.  This image will always take me back to the days he spent in these costumes.
christine dehaven nike socks
Capturing the details... and milestones. When your kid finally is able to dress himself but doesn't quite get it right.

I am going to be taking Christine's advice as well and will share my attempts at each assignment during the week as well on instagram. And in case you are curious I typically edit my photos with VSCO on my iPhone, so if you are looking to up your wow factor I might suggest downloading that if you have not already. The preset filters do a great job of making dull photos look great. Alright, Lets do this!