#madrefotoproject week 2


Week one of the #madrefotoproject is complete. Thank you to those of you who participated this past week in the photo challenge. It was really fun to check the hashtag and watch it grow slowly throughout the week. I have chosen a few here to share here. These also happen to be from some of the first of you to contribute and share. It is great to see how people accepted the challenge and found different ways to capture their moments for assignment #1. Go check out these accounts to read their personal stories associated with the fotos. This week's winner of the challenge, chosen at random is featured up front. Congrats @luckylindseylou I will follow up with some details. 11190289_1633416540247242_197566352_n


ali jepson motherhood

Assignment #2


It is all about the angles.  Dirty house? Crowded playground? Don't let that stop you for capturing the moment. Get lower and shoot upward.  Focus on details. Change your angle or just use the clutter to your advantage. I have taken plenty of pictures in crowded spaces, dirty rooms and playgrounds.


This image was taken at a crowded fountain. Swarms of kids on a hot summer day. I just had to wait a few minutes but when the time was right I was able to get a shot I wanted.


How crowded are county fairs?  This image just took me getting myself at a lower angle.


You think we were the only ones at the pool that day. Not even close. Just had to use some selective angles and block out the other kids on the right.

There you have it, this weeks photo challenge. Creatively cropping your photos is another opportunity to take on this assignment. As you take this advice for your photos this week you can always go back through your old images and tag existing ones or share ones that have been hiding on your camera roll that you think would be good submissions.

Lastly, if you have a private account can you please tag @makinglamadre along with #madrefotoproject so I can follow you to see your pics. Thanks & looking forward to more great fotos this week!

xx Ly