#madrefotoproject week 3

Another week of September & another week of the #madrefotoproject. This weekend might have been our last week of Summer here in Portland & we took good advantage of the weather. Spending Saturday out at my uncle's farm in the swimming pool. This week's assignment focuses on light. I am always impressed and surprised with the light flares I accidentally capture with my iphone and the small tweaks or adjustments you can make with the camera phone to capture your moments and make them extra special.

Assignment #3


Look for the light. Embrace the shadows. This week it isn't about the cute outfit or the amazing location. Focus on how the light paints the picture. I often find myself staring at my youngest in his car seat because once I open up my door on a sunny day, the light is amazing.


Running around downtown and I found a little corner that was magic I had my boys sit there and snap a few pictures. Just a few seconds of their time and the light makes the picture.


Rain? Doesn't matter. It's the light here that made the image. That moment when the sun shines and the rain falls.


Stuck inside all day and every picture looks the same.  Look at the same place at a different time of day. I loved the hard lines and could have never gotten this picture early morning.

All of these fotos follow the same mantra but bring to life such different images. Excited to go out and look at the light and the subjects a little differently this week. It will be an interesting challenge in Portland this week too, with temperatures dipping and the clouds rolling in.
As always please tag your photos #madrefotoproject and if you are a private account on instagram please @mention me: @makinglamadre so I can be alerted and start following you to see your fotos.
Finally, last weeks assignment #2 winner, chosen at random, was @emmathorn7 with this foto of her beautiful daughter Lily. Thanks so much for participating Emma! This foto is so sweet & sure to be a great reminder of your weekend on the Oregon Coast!
Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 10.14.33 PM
xx Ly