It likely is only on a few people's radar that I put pause (indefinitely) on the whole #madrefotoproject charade. When I say a few its somewhat comical because only a few people actually read this blog so the number of people who a) knew about the photo project b) participated and/or c) were anticipating another two weeks of challenges is super duper tiny. Like maybe one person. So... to you that one person who was participating in the #madrefotoproject AND reading the blog, I apologize if you were looking forward to another couple weeks of challenges. My real life as a full time non blogger got in the way. And actually for really good reason. I got a promotion at work (more to come) and, as can be imagined, have been busier.

This week would have been the last week of the challenge but I absentmindedly skipped last week and once I remembered mid week I just kinda let it go. I quit my own hashtag project- a real sign of doom in this whole wannabe blogger world I am living in. to those of you who participated thank you. To those of you who won one of the weekly challenges your prizes will be sent within the next two weeks. And because it was scheduled to last five weeks I will pick three more winners - top participants!!!

Big thanks to those of you who participated in my #madrefotoproject! I plan to scheme up some future opportunitites to bring it to life.

xx Ly