A few months back we were on the Plated kick. I loved the service but travel and busy schedules got in the way of us being able to take advantage of the preparedness. Cut to life the past few weeks. Dinner has been far from home cooking and if it is, it's not made by us or even eaten at our dining room table.

But last week when I was on a grocery run picking up the essentials: diapers & toilet paper I decided I might as well get some stuff we could eat. Tortilla chips, carrots and dried mangoes were the first to make their way into the shopping cart. Followed by the unexpected pre diced butternut squash. It looked like simple enough way for me to make some food for Mo. I figured that I could heat it up on the stove with some simple olive oil and salt or even boil and pour on a bit of butter to taste.

The surprising thing is that I came home that night, Mike was playing basketball, and I decided to prepare the squash. Not for us to eat but just to see if Mo would like it. I went from two months of not cooking us a meal, let alone myself a meal, to preparing baby food. I will even go as far as to say I was 'preparing home made baby food' which is so not my style. I couldn't help but smirk as I was doing this. I never would have imagined myself to be the type to be making baby food from scratch. I even went the two routes, I boiled some and sautéed some.

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I went through the trouble, it was actually quite simple, and fed the boy the food. He was not really that into it when I tried. He eats, rice, beans, chicken, pancakes, broccoli and apples when he is at my mom's house. So I was only semi-deflated. I tried some myself and was happy to snack on it.

I write all this because it was such a silly experience. Making baby food for Mo while homecooking for us, the adults, is not a normal thing. Not a complete waste of time but my good intentions definitely got me.

xx Ly