working madre update


I wrote a few weeks back that I was transitioning into a new job at work. I have joined our global digital function working as part of the leadership group that oversees Nike Women. Moving from our traditional advertising group to the digital side is a really good fit for me. My affinity for social media, blogs, apps and all things .com has me feeling right at home. It is a truly exciting time to work with this group and something I had been aiming at for quite a while. This new job is a promotion so both professionally and personally I am thrilled. The work is demanding and the days are long but I truly enjoy all that I am doing and especially the people I am working with. In my 'perfect world' I would have landed this promotion before I even got pregnant. Things rarely go to plan, right? But now nine and a half months post baby & five months post maternity leave I can whole heartedly say that things worked out much better than my plans. If this promotion had come before Mo I would have had a much harder time adjusting to life with baby. Instead we adjusted together, as a family, to my new gig.

I had a particularly demanding week last week while Mike was on a shoot in NY. I came home Tuesday night after Mo's bedtime and still had some work to do from the house so opted to leave him with my parent's for the night, as I had to wake up early the next morning. Things like that I do not take for granted. We are so fortunate to have the support system in place that we have.

It also must be acknowledged that Mike does an amazing job of co parenting. I admit I was nervous of what 50/50 parenting would be like. I had a hard time imagining him pitching in. But he does, more than I often admit. He does a lot including most of the drop offs and pick ups of Mo to my parent's house where he is cared for each day while we work. Because of Mike's involvement and my busy work weeks I have coined the term '#weekendmom'. It is half a joke and half not. I am not saying that I never see my kid and that every night I am stuck at the office. I pride myself on some good work:life balance. But I definitely appreciate the weekends and the time we get to spend together as a family.

xx Ly