five things I didn't need for baby


I was asked a couple months back by a friend, due in December, who lives in an apartment in NYC to share the things that after Mo arrived I soon realized that I didn't really need. I have now just gotten the chance to compile them here for you. This is a mix of things that I actually have/had as well as things that I dismissed immediately upon reviewing lists from friends and reviews from typical registry lists. Please remember that we pride ourselves on being 'minimal' when it comes to baby gear while at the same time having three strollers for our nine month old, yikes! 1) PORTABLE BASSINET We registered for a packable port a crib. I had debated getting a Fisher Price 'rock 'n play' as they came highly recommended from family but couldn't get over their ugly aesthetic. So I opted for a streamlined looking port a crib, this one being my dream bassinet but I couldn't get over the sticker shock. So I registered for the Chicco Lullago figuring it could do the same for us, sadly it could not. I think I only used it maybe two times. I ended up getting the 'rock 'n play' and ended up being very happy with it, we even got the one with the pre programmed soundtrack. We used it in our room for the first four months so that Mo was near us at night and it worked out great!

2) DRYING GRASS The Boon Drying Grass came highly recommended from a good friend as well as my sister in law. I remember asking 'what is the one thing I don't have that I will actually need?' Both of them told me the drying grass. So a friend gave it to us after finding out we didn't have it. We are people with minimal counter space in our kitchen, so maybe blame it on that, but either way this thing just got in the way and looked really funny on our counter. We didn't really use it much. I would say skip it.

3) DIAPER GENIE I ignorantly bought a $6 garbage pail at Ikea. It looked exactly like the diaper contraptions I had seen on baby sites. I figured I would want a spot in the baby's room to stash the dirty diapers. We have been happy using it ever since. It only smells when it is overflowing. My advice, don't waste the money on the diaper genie and its special diaper garbage bags. Either just throw out the diapers as soon as they are off your baby or use a normal garbage can.

4) WIPE WARMER This immediately sounded like a frivolous item so I turned it down upon introduction. I have never looked back.

5) BOPPY Again, I am going to sound like a snob, but this thing just looked plain ugly and awkward. If they were made in luxe fabrics or on patterns that matched my home decor then maybe but I just couldn't do it. A family friend let me borrow hers for a day or two but I couldn't get the hang of it. Your own pillows or blankets do the trick just as well.

Hope this finds a way to be helpful to someone! Please share other items that you found yourself not needing! xx Ly