Last night as I was finishing up some emails before bed, Mike was upstairs completing his packing and Mario was asleep in his crib. Suddenly I heard Mike jolt into Mario’s room and then heard Mario begin to cry. I ran upstairs to figure out the situation and the poor little baby had vomited all over himself and his crib. It was a little past midnight, five hours before we were supposed to be up and taking off for the airport. Ugh… Mario’s hair was wet and patted down to his head as he had rolled over into his own mess. We bathed him, changed him and let him snuggle with us until we had to wake up. Our 4.5 hours of sleep were interrupted by another spew. This time all over me, but fortunately for him only required a change of his shirt.

Now, we are currently en route to Zacatecas, Mexico for a family wedding. Black tie wedding might I add. I was thinking about how this will be the longest stretch of time that I will spend with Mario since maternity leave. Kind of bizarre to think about. I wonder how exhausted I will be on Monday when we return! Fortunately mi madre is traveling with us and has joked that she will act as the ‘nanny’.

I sit here catching up on more emails and yes, writing a brief blog post, while my baby is being entertained in the arms of his abuela. We have been looking forward to this weekend with extended family and our first ever black tie wedding. Fotos to come of the mini tuxedo!

Wish us luck and a vomit free flight!

xx ly