49 weeks a madre


As I write this it is Tuesday. Each Tuesday marks another week complete of being a madre. And this week specifically marks 49 weeks. It also means that in three weeks I will have been a madre for a full year and Mario will turn one year old. I have received way too many questions about Mo’s birthday and to be honest I have some anxiety about it. My mom has already made a piñata for him and people are expecting a party. We shall see what we make of it.

In other news, Mario celebrated his first Thanksgiving last weekend. My absolute favorite holiday. My aunt does an amazing job coordinating an amazing and delicious feast. This year I actually contributed. I made a chocolate cake for my mom’s birthday, which fell on Turkey Day this year. It was a wonderful holiday spent with our family and friends.

General baby updates at 49 weeks include:

Continuation of the modifed crawling. Mo worms around and does an army crawl. Lots of standing, very proud and smiley standing to be exact. He will army crawl to a destination then get on all fours like a typical crawl stance and climb himself up to hold on to the coffee table or edge of couch or legs of chair or whatever makes sense. He then pulls himself up and smiles with such pride for his accomplishment.

He continues to eat like a champ. Loving chicken and turkey lately as well as fruit. Handfuls and fistfuls of banana disappear rapidly in his presence.

As for toys and games we made a big step and purchased this elephant contraption at Target a couple weeks back.k2-_1ac5e738-b960-424b-a937-0bbad766b315.v1

He really likes it. And as crazy as it looks I think it comes off as quite friendly and sweet. Its the once piece of "OMG" baby gear that we have on the main floor. Mario walks around with it by pushing it. Sits on it and bounces on the seat and scoots too. Ideally we would have found a walker/saucer type thing that he could sit in and walk himself around the house but surprisingly those looked far more offensive to me than this one which seems like it can grow with him well over the next year.

Those are my baby updates. I ended up scooping up the Pendleton stockings I referenced in my last post and we need to figure out when to get a tree. The Stevie Wonder Apple commercial has me in a really festive mood lately. Watch it & you will know what I mean.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjBZoOs_dXg&w=560&h=315]

xx Ly