decking the halls

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 presetI went to Target yesterday and kept myself under control when it came to the stylish and fun holiday decor & knick knacks. The one thing I did buy was this snow globe. I thought it would be a fun keepsake to bring out for Christmas each year. Plus I figured Mo would think it was pretty great, which he did. It had a good run for about an hour in our living room on the hardwoods, playing its song and mesmerizing him with the snowfall. It was very sweet, so sweet that I opted to snap a pic of the boy and globe over near our 'Christmas corner' where the bit of decor we have is on display. I scooped up the globe and scooted Mo to the tiles in front of the fireplace. In no more than two seconds after I snapped the below foto he had knocked the snow globe over. My dreams of snow globe memories were literally shattered. I spent about 15 minutes cleaning up the mess & removing the glass, while Mike entertained Mo.

The decapitated snow globe is now sitting on our mantle. I am debating keeping it as a keepsake. It still plays its song and it still showcases the cute vintage station wagon with Christmas tree on top of it. Mike suggested maybe we could figure out how to repair it, add a jar on top?

Wish us luck if we decide to get a tree...

xx Ly