(almost) one year a madre


With our anniversary of becoming parents, some call it a baby's first birthday, I wanted to use this month as an opportunity to invite some friends to share their perspective after one year of motherhood. One year is a huge milestone. As cliche as it sounds it truly has flown by. I catch myself reflecting on this time last year, nearly nine months pregnant and scared, concerned, anxious and nervous about what this new part of my life would mean, what it would do to me, my relationship with Mike, my relationship with my parents, my perception at work, my outlook on life. I had no idea what to really expect. So now, one year later, it is really special to read the thoughts and reflections from these women. In various stages of motherhood with various perspectives on what it means and how it affects their lives. The women I reached out to have written really personal and heartfelt stories answering questions about what changed for them, what they learned and what surprised them. I am really proud and excited to share their words.

Stay tuned! More to come later this week.

xx Ly