a new schedule

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset Guess what I did last night... One guess. I never would have guessed it myself. But I sautéed some butternut squash, sliced up some cheese and cooked an egg for Mario's lunch. He started at the smallest of the three daycare/play schools out at my work today.

So much more work on my end was required to get him geared up for the day. Getting him in clean and appropriate clothes, make a lunch, pack diapers, a bottle, a 'security blanket' and a family photo.

We opted to get him into the little daycare out on campus one day a week, to give my mom a day off and for selfish reasons on my part. I wanted the chance to spend more time with him during the week, so by dropping him off at 8/8:30 at the daycare on campus I get to spend a little more time with him in the morning (in the car) and then have to pick him up promptly by 5pm so that means that I see him way sooner than normal days. I had imagined it would get me out of the office a bit earlier once a week which is not a bad thing at all. Today however he joined me and my coworkers for a few mini meetings and helped us get through some work so we left by 6:20 just about the time he was #overit.

The first day went ok, if ok means he didn't eat his lunch and only napped for an hour. I felt a bit of #momguilt as I realized I did not give him a proper 'goodbye' but rather settled him in and went on my way. There were only two other kids in the class today so it was a nice transition day. As I was walking through campus mid day I ran into him and the class out on a little walk which was perfect for the first day and part of the reason why I decided to bring him out to the daycare. Chance encounters mid day as well as the potential of lunch dates sound pretty sweet.

By 4:55 when I came to retrieve him I could tell that he had a rough day. On top of it being his first day with strangers he has a bit of a cold and when I walked in to scoop him up from the lap of one of the teachers he started crying which I interpret as his way of communicating that he was uncomfortable or had been all day.

We walked back to my office and he got back to his normal self. I could not help but feel some guilt and sadness that he had not been 100% comfortable in his new surroundings, but why should he. He had gone from hanging with his Abuela all day one on one (sometimes two on one when cousins were there) to hanging with two new ladies and two little girls. Its definitely not bad, but it is an adjustment.

Mike had a dinner for work so on the drive home we stopped at target to pick up some diapers, wipes and a few (ok, lots) of other essentials (ok, random items). The pjs in the above photo are two of the things we got. We came home, I heated up some Annie's mac & cheeze and we cozied up on the couch in our pjs. Once Mike came home we talked about Mo's first day and I think we actually decided to not have him go back quite yet. I had received a text from my dad earlier, a former kindergarten teacher and now an elementary school principle, and he was scolding me a bit for taking Mo out of the care of my mom. I know it was only day one and it will only get better but the trek today might not have been worth it. Maybe we will revisit in six months.

More to come! xx Ly