Post partum realness

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset I don't know if I am inspired by the flood of baby showers so far this month or maybe because it is a throwback Thursday,  either way, I am sharing this image from a little over a year ago. I was three days postpartum and in my natural habitat- a Nordstrom fitting room, getting some nursing bras.

At this point, after nine months of pregnancy, I had a collection of 'bumpies' on my phone. I found myself for the first time in a fitting room with the baby nestled in his car seat on the fitting room floor and an honest view of my body three days after giving birth. So I instinctively snapped a pic. I was amazed at the difference in my body- it was not my pregnancy body or my pre pregnancy body. It was a whole other body. I hope you can see in this image is a bit of pride and confidence as I was amazed at the different shape and form I had taken in a short period of time,  three days. I actually look about four or five months pregnant but all that was left was really mushy midsection and much bigger boobs than I was used to.

At about four months postpartum I fit into my old jeans & celebrated with an Instagram vid to the tune of Beyonce's 7-11. I am now 55 weeks postpartum and fit into all the ore pregnancy clothes but my body is forever changed. My boobs are definitely different, but I also don't really remember them pre pregnancy. It's like I only really had them when I was pregnant. My mod section is softer than before but it's nothing I am uncomfortable with. These are changes that I have accepted. I could always do more crunches & core work I guess.

Would love to hear other women's thoughts about their post partum body.

xx Ly