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A guest post today from Emi in Brooklyn that has me rethinking (and yes, scheduling) professional photos for Mike, Mario and me.


Lately, I've been giving in to that naughty but cozy dead-of-winter temptation to falling asleep before it's time to fall asleep.  This habit is most annoying to my husband, who this morning told me the ending of Making a Murder because HE'S NOT going to watch THIS one again!!!  But the naughty piece to which I'm actually referring is when, after my nap, I'm wide awake and happy to read up on my favorite blogs for the next 4 hours.

Which last night led me to the website of a blogger/ photographer Ashley Jennett of The Stork and the Beanstalk. Her work is so expressive, candid, perceptive. She is the documentarian's family documentarian.

It got me thinking- why don't we occasionally visit a professional photographer?  Even in this age of Instagram, we don't have many photos of ourselves, especially together, aside from our wedding photos!

That's probably fine for right now, but if we had a kid I think I'd be inclined to have professional photos taken every once in a while to document growth, especially if the photos were this good.  It's so rare to take the time to get comfortable while having your picture taken the way you do with a photo session.  Also, as a documentary filmmaker, I feel it's really important to have your story represented.  Who you are, right now.

How do you, in this age of Instagram, document your life?  Do you ever go to professional photographers?

featured image Ashley Jennett


We never did enagement photos or maternity photos or newborn photos. We take plenty of instagrams though, just as Emi suggested.

About a year ago I noticed that a childhood friend had introduced her own photography business here in Portland. So I reached out because I loved the candidness and beauty she captured in what looked like folks' everyday lives. Our schedules never quite meshed but we plan to connect in early spring to do a mini session at home with our family.

So yes, I have done a 180 on professional photography. And I am really into the idea of having Lauren join us on a Saturday morning to document our simple lazy mornings. See some of her work below.

xx Ly

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images via Lauren Labarre