five things for la madre


These round ups of 'five things' were such a great invention of mine that I am disappointed I forgot all about them, but not to fret. We are back, today I will be highlighting the five things that have me ooohing & aaaaahing lately. This time around the theme is 'beauty based'. Full disclosure: I am not a beauty person whatsoever. I enjoy looking put together but rarely do. This is not a 'cause I am a mom' thing. It is just a part of my life that I have accepted. I wear minimal makeup both by choice and yes, by default (I am clueless when it comes to application & products). So the list below encompasses things that take little effort on my part. The biggest sacrifice being the amount of time I put in #3 but that guy lasts a good time so the time spent is worth it.

Below are the five things that have been helping me feel put together & age appropriate, bed head and ripped jeans optional.

  1. Dream Waves Beach Spray Similar to my issue with makeup I have a real hard time styling my hair. I try to achieve a slightly messy yet presentable hairdo, especially during the work week. My most recent discovery is the Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray. It is inexpensive- $6, smells like coconut and works extremely well for my hair. Defining curls and waves naturally and without much effort. I highly recommend giving it a try.
  2. Nivea Lip Care Chapstick I bought this chapstick maybe 10 years ago at a department store in Spain and have been searching for it ever since. I found it over the summer at Walgreens. It is Nivea Lip Care A Kiss of Cherry Fruity Lip Care. It slides on nicely, moisturizes my lips and has a really beautiful rich red that adds a subtle color to my lips. I love it!
  3. UrbanWaxx A local waxing salon here in town has become my mainstay for bikini waxing. Before giving birth I was never very good about making appointments. Cramming in a session before vacations or during the summer months. But since Mario was born I have treated myself to regular appointments at the salon just down the street from us. I love it for its convenience (location & hours of business), the swanky designed interiors and their hospitality (wine after work or mimosas on the weekends). It is a great mix of self care & pampering.
  4. Contemplating Color I have been seeing the same hair stylist for the past two years and she has me contemplating color. I have not once ever dyed my hair so I am anxious and hesitant about it. But per item #1 above, I have been feeling kind of uninspired with my hair and think some balayage or tone on tone coloring could spice things up for me. More details to come & ideas welcome!
  5. Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Soap I bought this soap maybe seven months ago. I like the idea that it can be used for EVERYTHANG. I use it in the shower as my body wash and to wash my hair. It lathers up really nicely and I love the smell- hemp almond. With this being an all in one product in just one bottle I love how it has instantly organized our tub/shower area as well.

Any beauty or anti-beauty- beauty buys to share?

xx Ly