she wins

anne-hathaway-600x800 Overall I though the Academy Awards this year were a bit of a snore. We don't get much for red carpet coverage since we are an Apple TV household. So I missed the E! Network pre show, which is usually quite fun! I have loved the 'mani- cam' and 360 degree dress coverage. But instead I was out on a walk with Mo that turned into a stop at the local winery- whoops! When the baby is napping and you are a bit overheated from a brisker walk than anticipated a lovely kale salad and glass of rose certainly does the trick!

Alas, the Oscars... I was not in love with any dresses, likely due to missing the red carpet coverage, and I was not even going to post about the show, but then I saw this (above). Anne Hathaway in what is my favorite dress of the night for a non-nominee, cause nominee Saorise Ronan wins in the nominated category.

What I loved the most about Hathaway's look is how comfortable (seeming) and natural the whole ensemble is. The makeup is fresh, the hair is sleek and the dress has a retro glam that looks effortless.

Thats it!

xx Ly