Goop, she's just like us

I have reached a real turning point in my life as a woman. I signed up for GOOP, Gwyneth Paltrow’s aspirational newsletter, 10 years ago or whenever it launched. At the time I was a 20- something. A girl with zero cash and zero business taking lifestyle advice from a 40-something mega celeb. Nonetheless I continued to get the email and would most often ignore it.

Over the past few months marketing emails have taken on a whole new meaning for me in my work life so thus they have taken a whole new importance in my personal inbox. I have been hitting ‘open’ on the GOOP emails more frequently and quite surprised that I am finding them not only aspirational but actually valuable.

Just today I opened her send from over the weekend titled ‘this & that no. 1’ and was surprised to find that she is into the same shows I am these days on HBO, Divorce and Insecure. No mention of West World though. And that she is a fan of the Target Who What Wear collection. Who knew!

I won’t however be finding myself at her favorite five-star glamping destinations for a special mountain desert weekend retreats with girlfriends that she mentions. And her hostess gifts, hand crafted- one of a kind white ceramic pitchers filled with field blooms, are still a stretch for my check book.

Alas, something to aspire to...


xx Ly