life today

Yesterday we made the hard decision to cancel the purchase of the ‘dream house’ and last night decided terminate the sale of our current home. I cannot believe it has been three months of being up in the air on figuring this piece of our life out. But it is a relief to finally have an outcome and some closure. The story with the ‘dream house’ is a really long and drawn out one best told over a delicious dinner and some drinks and told by both Mike and I. In short the seller/builder left $100k worth of loose ends and was not willing to finish that work nor give us a discount on the house so we had to walk.

Like I said above, it is a relief to no longer be in this limbo. It is funny that within 12 hours of our house going pending it was like it was never staged or had not been in its cleanest state for the past couple months as you can tell from the photo above that I took the night we officially went pending. Toys everywhere, dirty dishes, laundry and the like.

So what’s next… not sure. In the short term Mike suggested we take a vacation for a week to just decompress and enjoy life. Would be nice to escape some of this PNW rain too. My brain of course is thinking about the small improvements we can make on the home front to make things a bit more functional. Like in the least some new appliances. But who knows. I am itching to find a way to apply the design and decor choices that I had been making for the new house. Like I just need to find a way to make this 'cosmic desert' wallpaper come to fruition in a master bath in my near future.

xx ly