Choose your Own Adventure

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset Most Monday nights I make dinner, one of the two nights a week that this happens. I make a huge mess in our little kitchen with every surface covered with the remains of a home cooked meal. I plate us our dinner and then all three of us sit down in the dining room and eat together. It is a tiny moment of calm & reflection in my otherwise hectic Monday that starts with a 6AM wake up call to head to the gym.

Once we begin wrapping up the meal, and Mo has effectively trashed his side of the table, I turn to Mike and ask him to choose one of two things: a) clean up the dishes, dining table and the mess I left in the kitchen or b) take Mo up for a bath.

Bath time tends to be something that I would avoid if I could. We tend to be 50/50 in most tasks as it pertains to parenthood and I see both of these as major chores after a long Monday. Which lead me to 'ask the audience' via instagram if other folks suffer from bath time trauma with their toddlers. I got a great amount of responses and learned that bubbles and bath toys make a huge difference. Which I am sure all of you reading this are like 'duh!'. And looking back this seems so obvious. I blame our 'minimal' approach to child rearing. The one and only pillar in this approach of ours is just that 'you don't need all the shit'. In this case, we might cave and get some bath toys. Please share any

Slightly related, is our adventures in hair cuts, but I can save that for another time.

xx ly