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So far this month I have turned 33, spent the majority of the month on a legit vacation in Mexico and said goodbye to my maternal grandmother. It has been a blur. It has been beautiful. It has been sad.

On April 2nd we picked up and flew to Mexico for a last minute spring break trip that lasted a glorious 10 days. I celebrated my birthday reading Big Little Lies poolside under palm trees with the sun kissing my bikini clad body. We got home last Tuesday night and I woke up to the news of my Abuela passing during the night. She was nearly 94 years old and lived a beautiful and simple life fueled by her love for her husband, children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and of course handmade tortillas.

My entire family flew to Chicago Friday morning so we could pay our respects and say goodbye to my Abuela. It was tough, it was sad and there were lots of tears throughout the weekend. Her death wasn't necessarily  unexpected, she was 93 years old, but she was such a lively character that we could really never imagine life without. Mike, Mo and I saw her last in August and she was her wonderful self making everyone feel special and like they were just the person that she was waiting to hug and kiss.

As the mother to six, grandmother to 15 and great grandmother to 17 she was our matriarch in every sense of the word. Our very own queen bee, she was royal to us all. Wherever she chose to sit to have a meal or enjoy the sun on her cheeks her family would be at her feet, all of her offspring, all of the generations buzzing around.

Our family is so open and accepting because of her spirit. We all will continue to live our lives in tribute to hers by putting others and our family first. By coming together every week for a meal, conversation, laughter and music. I will remember her making tortillas and cracking jokes for eternity.

Will be back next week with a few more posts about Mexico and likely more Welita stories to come.

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