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I have been a follower and fan of stylist, blogger, madre and overall beautiful human Latonya Staubs for the past few years. She wrote this piece "The Personal is Political" last month and it resonated with me on many levels. I asked her if I could share it here in an effort to spread these thoughts about addressing the real world that we live in and the responsibility of people who choose to project their lives have in projecting their honest reality. We shouldn't only be painting beautiful pictures with our words or with our photographs. We need to uncover what is real, human, raw and uncomfortable.

As someone who chooses to document and reflect on my life both on this blog and through photos on instagram. My aim is to document my own history and tell the truth about the happy and the shitty too. This time as a new mom is going by fast (some days more than others) and I appreciate this outlet to document my stumbles and mis steps or to reflect on what is bringing me joy and what is dragging me down.

Here are a couple excerpts. Hop on over to her site to read all of her truths and see all of her beauty. She will definitely inspire you.

 I know the many of you who I've had had the opportunity to meet on the street, confiding in me your truth and the parallels of our lives. I know the young girls, who often let me know how reading this space has given them a different sense of hope, and how they are looking forward to pushing boundaries and just doing whatever makes them happy. I know the young lady who cried and hugged me, and left me completely awe-struck and loved in the middle of The Met's Egyptian Hall . Not because I make family-life look awesome, or I dress weird or even cool, but because these words and essays, and heart-felt truths that I share, are more real for many of you than I ever imagined. I know me, and I know them, and that outweighs any fears I have about discussing politics in this space.


With a held breath and a slight prayer, I read Grace Bonney's interview with Illustrated Impact, and was completely relieved and inspired to read her raw and honest words about the many mistakes women bloggers (specifically, white women) make when they do not address the world in which they work. It gave me the nudge I needed as a women of color, to be honest about my personal beliefs about those sorts of beliefs.

Thank you Latonya for allowing me to share these words. And for those of you who don't know Latonya and her son Oak are in these adorable Nordstrom Mother's Day ads right now that are delightful.

xx Ly

*images via http://blog.latonyayvette.com/