follow friday

Remember when people on twitter used to do #followfriday? I am bringing that back today with a list of some of my favorite accounts to follow on IG. 

I have pulled a handful of accounts together. Some are #momshit, some are #lifegoals, some are #justforlaughs but none of them are celeb or famous people accounts, another list on that for another Friday. Enjoy!

  1. @mavencollectpdx This is a vintage store near my parents house that makes me reimagine the random stuff in my house. In typical insta shop fashion they post their finds on IG. I love the 'vignettes' they create with the products and often am inspired to look at my shelfies and tablescapes with new eyes.
  2. @lissamoonlacroix When with a group of people I often introduce Lissa as 'the female fuck jerry' and am so happy I get to call her a friend. She does the hard work of following all the meme accounts out there and posting the stuff that resonates with all us working ladies. Plus shes super cute as is her little girl Colette.
  3. @baileyquin This girl is style goals and house goals and attitude goals. I have been following Bailey for maybe five years back when she had an interior design blog. Nowadays she has her own soft goods business Biscuit. She is over the top in her interiors and personality but in the most charming and endearing way. I wish we were friends IRL.
  4. @stefanisteinla Beautiful light and bright LA interiors. Thru '6 degrees of separation' I actually kind of know this girl. A mutual friend introduced me to her via IG and since then I have been drooling over all her grams. 
  5. @almostmakesperfect I find myself pausing on her images and taking it all in. Everything is so put together and dare I say 'perfect'. Its like a mini meditation looking at her interiors. Her backyard is 'SO-CAL' goalz.
  6. @christinajwarren I love her insta stories the most!!! They make me LOL. Yes her house looks perfect and her kids are adorable and it all looks SO DAMN GOOD. But her IG stories break it all down and makes me love her.
  7. @homeiswherethehartis Yes this might look like typical mom stuff. She posts about life in NJ with her four boys and lots of interiors too. Do I sound like a broken record yet?

Please comment with your fave accounts to follow, so I can check those out. I def have a bad habit for interiors :)

xx ly