Wasting time on escalators

Yesterday afternoon, as soon as Mo went down for a nap, I left the comfort of my own home in search of some seasonal appropriate items.

Not how I had imagined spending my free time on the weekend, but we are in need of a refresh. His pants drawer is full of shorts and the actual pants population in there is very small. Shirt drawer… same story.

I hit the typical budget friendly shops at the mall: H&M, Gap Kids and Old Navy. I was into none of it. As I have written before I am not big on logo or graphic tees nor ill-fitting sweat pants which is the norm for little boys somehow. I walked thru the girls sections as well, occasionally there is a pair of leggings or a sweater or something that can work. No luck this time around.

As I exited the mall after my very short loop I opened my ZARA app and was immediately reminded that ZARA serves all of Mo’s wardrobe needs and wondered why I even wasted my precious free time (nap hours) driving to the mall, going through the maze of shops and escalators, when I could have shopped the ZARA app from a lovely bathtub, precious pedicure time at the salon, or more realistically from bed bingeing on some mediocre televison. Oh well, lesson officially learned. Plus I scooped up a super interesting plaid sweater thing that I hope works out.

Below is a round up of some of my favorite items for Mo currently sized 2T-3T all under $16.00:

Tigers T | Smiley Trousers | Striped T | Striped TrousersRaccoon Shirt 

Any other suggestions for shopping apps or shops I should check out for inexpensive kids clothes? Comment below with any advice. Thanks for reading.

xx Ly