Five Things September edition

Somehow it is 21 days into September and I feel like last weekend it was just August. I am still adjusting to the ins and outs of my new domain (such a funny word) and feel like I have been slacking on content ideas and posts. Which is exactly why I am back today with one of my favorite 'franchises': 5 Things. The absolute easiest way to create content for the blog is to do so in list format. So without further explanation or complication here are five things that have been fueling this September. 

Five things from September 2017:

1) TEDDY BEAR VIBES The above image is of this lavender colored faux fur coat that I just picked up at Anthro. It is THE SOFTEST THING EVER and both Momo & I can't stop cuddling it. I feel like the chicest teddy bear ever. 

2) RAG & BONE On Monday my BFF and I were texting that we had ZERO FALL CLOTHES. Over the weekend the weather dipped 25 degrees and we were in fall mode immediately. A new pair of jeans has been on my list for a few months now and after a quick trip to Nordstrom I left with what are now my new fave jeans. Rag & Bone skinnies with great stretch, high waist and frayed hem. 

3) RICE ROLLERS As you may have seen on instagram Mario started pre school two days a week. I have had to step up my mom game in a MAJOR way by crafting lunches on Mondays and Fridays when he goes to school. For a mom who does not fancy herself a chef let alone house cook I have been at a loss for what to pack the guy for his little lunches. This is where Rice Rollers come in. Not nutritious but not bad and definitely an ok add in to a sad lunch of PB&J, Grapes and apple sauce. Bonus cause I think I like them more than Momo.

4) JOHNNYSWIM My friend Lloryn introduced me to the musical & married duo Johnnyswim about this time last year and over the past month I have been going HAM requesting their albums via google home.  Mike hates me for it but I just love their sound and their chemistry. The link above has their live performance from Conan so you can see them doing their thing. 

5) HOOP DREAMS At work I was thrown into a project maybe 6 months back that has turned out to be the highlight of my career thus far. I worked on the launch content and event to introduce our new NBA Jerseys with my main output being this film that we launched at the event last week. The team I worked with was awesome and the event was like nothing we have ever done. Maybe more on that later. See my film below.

xx Ly