Women hold up half the sky

Here we are, January 2nd 2018.

I am writing this as way to postpone the run that I think I should do slash want to have done.

Momo, is still napping & Mike is home, so now would be the perfect time to sneak out. How great would it be if I could add 'a workout' to my accomplishments on my day off??? I have already made Momo's lunch, made our bed, dropped off and picked him up from school, taken out the trash and recycling, taken down all of the Christmas decorations, fixed up some home made ramen for lunch (this is a big one!!! I am a lame chef) gone grocery shopping, etc.

While I was on instagram just before this, yes to delay this work out, I came across this post from @caitdavis and for obvious reasons it resonated: 



I made pancakes this morning, got the kids changed and dressed and got Tabes off to school. Came home to clean the house, do laundry and take out the trash. Built a fort for Scotty, sang the ABC's 20 times and taught her how to cut hearts out of paper with scissors (this went how you might expect with Scotty).

Made the littles a snack and then put them down for a nap. Came downstairs to clean up after snack, mop the floors and fold the clean laundry. 

Made a document with recipes I am working on for #never and placed five calls and wrote two emails about importing tea from oversea. 

That was before noon and as I am sitting here typing this I'm thinking about how life is really less glamourous than before kids but I feel like I hold up more of the sky than I did before they were born. 

(Not mentioned the entire cup of matcha Scotty drank this morning while I was upstairs and the poopy diaper Holliday got into while was emptying the dishwasher- eye roll emoji)

I bet this resonated with you too. And maybe you too dealt poop this morning. I sure did, Mario's, not mine. So much shit that we got to school 20 mins late. Waking up 7 minutes before school started, had a little to do with that. But heck its my last day off before going back to the corporate world tomorrow. 

xx ly

Illustration by Isabelle Feliu & foto via Cait Davis instagram