It’s the end of December but it feels like July. I’m in Mexico with all of Mike’s family at my in laws beach front villa for what I affectionately call McChristmas.

After a whirlwind of events we have landed in Puerto Vallarta for some r&r with family. But before the year ends I wanted to jot down some notes on an eventful HOLIDAZE 2017, by the end of this you will understand why I have coined this time of year HOLIDAZE:

1) MOMO TURNS 3  On Saturday our bebo hit three years old. We had a low key birthday breakfast with my extended family consisting of a locally sourced continental breakfast. The croissants and baguettes cost us a pretty penny but it was a delicious meal. I stacked a bunch of toaster waffles and threw some strawberries and whipped cream on top along with three candles and that served as his cake.


I take pride in the fact that I have made his cake for his birthday, but this year we opted for a waffle stack. Maybe next year. 

He got way too many presents and during his nap time I ended up doing a purge of old ones & actually hid most of the new ones. A trick I learned last year... then once a month a new toy appears like magic!

In the evening we had a little open house and friends came thru for pizza and champagne.

2) CHRISTMAS EVE A killer spin workout that made me get emo, SNOW & Christmas Eve luncheon up in my parents neighborhood with good friends. In the evening after preparing a cranberry fizz cocktail we dressed up for my aunts annual semi formal dinner. Mo wore a hand me down tuxedo jacket with tails & was looking dapper despite his three month long refusal of a haircut.


Fam foto 2017, a few more out takes here.

Highlights of the night were my uncles annual speech, my cousin Luke’s blessing & the santa ice cream cones that the Slusher’s bring every year from Baskin Robbins.

3) CHRISTMAS DAY Around 11:30pm the night before, I watched my entire glorious Christmas Eve dinner fall into the toilet. And after that I was up on the hour puking bile. 

We all got up around 8:30 to a white christmas and went downstairs to see Mario’s gift. Before Mo could open it Mike wanted to set the scene with a fire. We have been doing lots of fires lately but for some reason the Christmas Morning fire spewed a ton of smoke into our living room. So 30 minutes later with the windows wide open & frozen air coming in we finally got to the main event. I was balled up on the couch throughout the entire thing with a headache and concern that I might throw up again.


Christmas morning boys, I was too out of it to plan for the matching PJs. But he did wear the new Timbs that my Ma got him for his birthday.

Mike & I didn’t exchange gifts & we have made it a rule that Mo only gets one thing so it was a very simple & civilized- minus the puke, smoke & freezing temps.

We then got our shit together and visited my parents house to exchange gifts with family and then promptly came home so I could get some more rest. I was dreading our 5am flight the next morning to Mexico & all the work that came along with that. 

Ultimately I napped, laundry got done, our house was put together, we packed & before I knew it I had not puked in 12 hours. Mike and Mo went back to my parents for our traditional tamale dinner & cousin gift exchange. I sadly had to sit out due to the germs. 

4) BOXING DAY waking up at 3:15 was torture but you can’t really complain when your destination is paradise. After a long day of travel we landed and jumped right into the pool. I felt 100x better & had not passed my virus on to Mike or Mo.  

We both have big projects the first week back in January so we are ducking in and out of family time to get some work done. I’m currently poolside as Mo & his cousins nap and my sister in laws grocery shop. Waiting on a conf call to begin shortly. 

I hope this little letter of holiday memories finds you well. Wishing you a wonderful new year & thanks for reading!