holidaze w/ Priscilla Vega

Back again with another ‘holidaze’ post where I feature mom types and give them a super simple q&a. Hope you enjoy their quick hits for a happy holiday. Find previous ‘holidaze’ features here xx

Today I am so excited to introduce to you Priscilla Vega. A total mom crush and mom muse of mine. I think I initially discovered P thru the sollybaby instagram channel and immediately followed her almost four years ago. We have bonded over toddler tantrums, Mexican food and visits to Puerto Vallarta all thru instagram messages and comments. Like lots of the women I consider my ‘mom friends’ we have not met IRL but none the less have a dynamic relationship supporting and inspiring each other thru our phones. Magic.

Priscilla works as a publicist for female entrepreneurs and lives a full life in Pasadena with her husband and two children. Seeing her beaming with both Ozzy and Ina on her lap in family photos makes me consider having another kid, but only for a second. She makes it look so easy and fun.

I am really happy to share this list as it is informed by someone who’s sense of self, sense of style and approach to mamihood I admire so much.


Holidaze q & a w/ Priscilla:

LL: Number 1, fave holiday album?

PV: A Very She & Him Christmas - I can bake cookies to this album ALL day long! 

LL: Number 2, go to holiday drink?

PV: I used to be into fancy cocktails but these days nothing beats a glass of a nice Italian red. Brunellos are my favorite. They're a little gritty but smooth and they just warm me up! 

LL: Number 3, what will you be gifting your girlfriends this year?

PV: One of the highlights of the holiday season is my best friend's beauty gift exchange. We all bring our favorite beauty item of the year and offer it for a gift exchange. I'll be bringing my Kate Somerville de puffing eye balm  I know it works because I can feel a slight tingle under my eyes when I apply it and definitely trust, I've considered applying it to other "puffy" areas around my body ;) I'm also planning on ordering a few custom Uno + Ichi mugs  I smile every time I look at mine so I want to gift smiles to my friends year round too. 

LL: Number 4, fave piece of holiday decor?

PV: We haven't pulled out the holiday decor from the garage so I'm a little stumped here but I would have to say it's my Christmas tree decorations. Many many years ago we hosted a Christmas Tree ornament party. All our friends helped us trim our tree with the most thoughtful ornaments. I just love decorating my tree and thinking about each person as I hang their ornament every year. 

LL: Number 5, what is at the top of your personal wishlist, besides world peace of course?

PV: Most definitely world peace but if I had to choose something else, I would have to say I would love Michelle Obama's new book, Becoming. The holidays is the perfect time to crack open a new book and if someone gifted it to me, I'd be much more determined to devour it. 

P, it means so much to me that you would take the time to answer these questions and with such thoughtful responses. Becoming is top of my list too and I might just have to get it for myself so I can plan to read it over our little holiday break from work. Maybe even to be enjoyed by the fire with a glass of Brunello, please let me know your fave and where you get. I saw only one variety at Trader Joe’s tonight and it was the most expensive bottle in the section!

More mamas and holidaze lists coming at you this weekend and next week.

xx ly