holidaze w/ Lindsay

Back again with another ‘holidaze’ post where I feature mom types and give them a super simple q&a. Hope you enjoy their quick hits for a happy holiday. Find previous ‘holidaze’ features here xx

Today’s feature is a new-ish friend, Lindsay Meyer-Harley. Or who I affectionately refer to as LMH. Lindsay is a lot of things to a lot of people. The woman behind Darling Clementine Shop and Still We Rise Auction she both curates the most unique and adorable products and necessities for babies and kids for her very successful online shopping destination (Darling Clementine Shop) as well as curating online auctions benefitting causes such as: the ACLU, Everytown USA, Planned Parenthood and this week the crisis at the border.

I am lucky to know Lindsay in person as she lives in Portland with her husband and two kids. I appreciate following LMH on instagram as she is a really strong and necessary voice championing individuals, causes and stories that matter and will make this world a better place. For the best of both her work as a small business owner and overall good human give a follow to @lindsaymeyerharley and please check out @_stillwerise to participate in her now live auction.

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Holidaze q & a w/ Lindsay:

LL: Number 1, fave holiday album?

LMH: So This is Christmas by John Lennon

LL: Number 2, go to holiday drink?

LMH: Mulled wine

LL: Number 3, what will you be gifting your girlfriends this year?

LMH: CBD balm for all the aches & pains

LL: Number 4, fave piece of holiday decor?

PV: Little Christmas villages that light up

LL: Number 5, what is at the top of your personal wishlist, besides world peace of course?

PV: A Mueller indictment of Trump Jr. and impeachments proceedings of Trump. But if that can’t happen camping gear so we can take the kids camping this summer!

A huge thank you to Lindsay for taking time out of your super busy schedule to answer this quick q&a all in the middle of her recent Still We Rise auction. If you have not yet please click over to the instagram page to browse some of the recent additions. Really wonderful and beautiful stuff for such an amazing cause.

More holidaze coming this week. Stay tuned xx

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